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Rules & Regulations to be followed by the students during the course period & internship training.


Smoking is strictly prohibited on campus.


Postering on the walls of the college & hospital premises is strictly prohibited.


Substance/drug abuse is strictly prohibited.


At the time of admission parents/guardian will have to sign a bond that their children/wards will abide by the rules & regulations & code of conduct of the college.

The students will provide themselves with prescribed text books & dissection instruments at their own cost.


In case of illness or other unavoidable reasons of non attendance due application from the parents/guardian is to be submitted to the Principal of the college. Any unauthorized absence in the class will be liable for disciplinary action.


Irregularity of the students regarding class attendance will be sent to parents/guardian as 75% class attendance is a prerequisite for attending Professional Examinations.


Poor academic performances will also be informed to the parents/guardian.


Cost of loss/damage to college/hospital property is liable to be realized from the student found responsible for the occurrence.


Any kind of political activity is not permitted in the college.

Students must abide by the definite college library rules.


Readmission � The students must pay their monthly tuition fees by 10th of each month. If they fail they have to pay late fees of Tk. 10.00 for each day till fees are paid upto 3 months. After that his/her name will be struck off the class register & will require readmission with charge of Tk. 25,000.00 along with arrear dues.


Student�s name may be struck off the college register under the following circumstances & readmission fee of Tk 25000/= will be applicable if authority allows him to continue �


o For remaining absent from classes for 1 month without prior information.

o On disciplinary ground.

o Non payment of tuition fees for consecutive 3 months & any other college dues.


The following penalties may be imposed according to the degree of offence committed�


o Warning.

o Fine.

o Name struck off the college register.

o Expelled from the college.


Extra charge � The authority reserves the right to introduce any extra charges for unforeseen expenditure related to academic development of the college.